Great concern for Princess Leonore of Sweden (9). The Swedish royal couple Princess Madeleine of Sweden (40) and Chris O’Neill (48) already have three children: Leonore, Princess Adrienne (5) and Prince Nicolas (7). They emigrated to Florida together in 2018 – but they want to move back to Sweden this year. Princess Madeleine wanted to pay a visit to her homeland for an event – but her daughter’s health thwarts her plans!

The nine-year-old recently broke her arm. That’s why Madeleine had to cancel her appointments. How Hello! reported, the organization to which the Swedish royal was invited issued a statement: “The reason is that Princess Leonore fell and broke her arm and is awaiting surgery. From the organization we wish Princess Leonore a speedy recovery.”

A few weeks ago it was announced that the family will be moving back to Sweden. The main reason is that the three children should go to school in their home country. This also has a practical background: According to Swedish law, royal children must go to school in Sweden in order to be accepted into the line of succession!