Who would have thought? Reality TV stars Sam Dylan (32) and Rafi Rachek (33) announced their separation last summer. This was by no means easy for the former lovebirds, but it was necessary because the couple had probably developed in different directions. In the talk with celebrity flash Dylan now commented separately on the format Prominent: He admits he’s scared of his ex Rafi!

Across from celebrity flash as part of the “Dungeons & Dragons” premiere in Berlin, the reality TV star describes: “Me and my ex have already been approached for Celebrity Split. But I have to say I’m so scared of my ex because he’s very impulsive.” He is afraid to Rafi stepping in front of the camera together explains Sam. The influencer continues: “It would escalate completely and blow everything up if I went into a format with him. That’s why I prefer to keep my distance from such a situation.”

His ex-boyfriend appears after breaking up with Sam but not wanting to keep your distance from the cameras. Since February 8, the 33-year-old can be seen in the “Date My Mom” ​​format on Discovery+. In this show, the influencer first dates the respective mothers of his potential partners before he gets to know them.

Source: celebtap.com