Tomorrow it’s time! For King Charles III. (74) a special day is coming up, because: His coronation is imminent! This officially makes the son of Queen Elizabeth II (✝96) the new regent of the United Kingdom. Many guests are invited to the spectacular event. Including Charles’ son Prince Harry (38), who will be part of the coronation without his sweetheart Duchess Meghan (41). In fact, Harry is already in Buckingham Palace!

How Picture reports, a black car pulled up in front of the royal residence in London early this afternoon. This was apparently the royal redhead. A reporter asked a police officer if the man in the car was the 38-year-old, who replied with an unequivocal “yes”. Harry then drove to Buckingham Palace, where his father is preparing for tomorrow.

It is said that everything should go smoothly for Charles on his big day. Not least because the coronation is likely to cost a high million euro. The Sun estimates that the cost of the event will amount to the equivalent of 114 million euros.