Nico Legat will sniff more TV air! On March 30th, the adventure Temptation Island starts with a new season. In the popular format, four couples test their love and mutual loyalty. Who the candidates are is still a secret. But Thorsten Legat’s (54) son spread rumors about his participation a few days ago. These seemed to have come true: Nico dares to enter the villa of the loved ones!

In a RTLpress release has officially confirmed that the celebrity kid is looking to put his relationship with his girlfriend to the test. “The son of ex-footballer and reality all-rounder Thorsten Legat finally wants to prove to his great love Sarah that she doesn’t have to worry”it said in the statement.

Nico and Sarah have been together since January 2020, a month later the two moved in together. The blonde has doubts about the 24-year-old’s past – Nico enjoys being around other women and has been unfaithful in previous relationships.