With Tom Cruise (60), an old friend comes to the coronation of King Charles (74). The ceremony is arguably one of the most important events for Britain, as it has been decades since the last coronation. So it’s understandable that celebrities, politicians and royals travel to London from all over the world. One of the guests is the Hollywood star and not without reason – then Tom has been a close friend of the palace for years.

The Royals are obviously big fans of Tom. This was especially true for the late Princess Diana (✝36), who especially loved Top Gun. She had met him in 1992 at the film premiere of “In a Far Away Land”. And how Picture explained, the actor was probably smitten by the princess: “She was a magical person who engulfed you with her personality.” Apparently, this encounter resulted in a friendship that applies not only to Diana, but also to Charles.

And love to toms Filmwerk seems to have passed on Diana. Because her son Prince William (40) and his wife Princess Kate (41) are also big fans. In 2022 there was even a private presentation of the new strip “Top Gun: Maverick” for the two. They were among the first to see the film before the premiere. And they attended the red carpet event that same evening.

Source: celebtap.com