It’s getting serious! Next Saturday the time has finally come: King Charles (74) will be officially crowned head of Great Britain. The preparations for this are in full swing. Today is the coronation rehearsal at Westminster Abbey. To ensure that nothing goes wrong at this major event, the coronation ceremony is being rehearsed today. Now Prince (5) William, Duchess Kate (41) and their two oldest children have also reached Westminster Abbey!

How Mirror reported came prince William’s family just arrived at the church that will host the coronation ceremony at the weekend – albeit without their youngest son Prince Louis. In front of the church, Kate and William chatted with Charles and King’s wife Camilla (75). Kate wore a black and white patterned dress for the occasion. William showed up in a dark suit. His son George was also dressed in a suit while his sister Charlotte wore a light blue dress.

Louis’ absence probably confirms the suspicions – because as opposed to an insider TheTelegraph reported that the five-year-old was too young to attend the ceremony. Nevertheless, the royal family will not have to do without the Mini-Royal completely: when they appear on the balcony, they should join their family to admire the flight demonstrations.