Could her injury have been prevented? Helene Fischer (38) had to postpone her long-awaited “Intoxication” tour due to a broken rib. Her fans were disappointed about that, but at the same time they could of course understand the decision of the “Herzbeben” interpreter. The blonde always gives 100 percent – ​​and masters top acrobatic performances. These hold a high potential for injury. Helene had promised to take fewer risks!

A few months ago, the musician commented Picturethat she has no plans to be secured during her acrobatic performances in the upcoming tour. But she added: “Although I actually promised my mother and my friends that I wouldn’t do anything dangerous anymore.” But her fans are used to a certain standard from the performance queen – and she just has to maintain it.

Postponing their “Intoxication” tour is Helene anything but easy. But on the advice of her doctor, the “roller coaster” interpreter probably had no other choice. Because if the native Russian starts her concert series without the consent of her personal doctor, and if she then possibly sustains further injuries, the insurance company would apparently not cover the following costs.