Coupleontour-Vanessa had to reckon with the worst. Shortly before the YouTuber gave birth to her daughter, her wife Ina suffered a serious stroke. She was taken to the hospital and placed in an induced coma. The blonde was paralyzed on one side and has been trying to find her way back to her old life step by step ever since. But now Vanessa reveals how bad Ina really was at the time: She was even told that her wife was very close to death.

As part of a Instagram-Questionnaire reveals to Nessi that she was told at the beginning that Ina could die: “If I hadn’t agreed to the operation – because we’re married, I was asked – Ina wouldn’t be here anymore.” It is unclear exactly which intervention she is referring to. Ina had to undergo several operations. For example, a hole in the heart that had caused the stroke was closed.

Since Ina’s hair was gradually falling out, she has been wearing a wig for a few months. In the meantime, the influencer’s own hair is growing back – it’s not that short anymore. “I would say a good eight to ten centimeters, but we didn’t measure it”reveals Nessi.