Crankgameplays Bio, Family Life and Everything To Know About The YouTuber

Crankgameplays Bio, Family Life and Everything To Know About The YouTuber

Crankgameplays, born Ethan Mark Nestor, is a well-known video game commentator, Vlogger, and YouTuber. Famous for his dark blue hair, Mark was a former video editor at Markiplier, a well-known online production company owned by Mark Edward Fischbach.

Crankgameplays is popular with his fans not only because of his video games but also because of his strange behavior, which earned him the nickname “the loud blue boy playing video games”.

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A talented YouTuber and video producer, he started his career in social media in 2012 when he launched his first YouTube. His second channel was launched in 2013, while the third was launched in December 2015.

Of Mark’s three YouTube channels, his third channel is the most successful of all. CrankGamePlays is the most popular game channel.

Apart from being entertaining and of high quality, his captivating voice is another important reason why Crankgameplays channels have an impressive number of subscribers. In 2018 he has more than 500 thousand subscribers on his third YouTube channel.

Crankgameplays Bio, Family Life and Everything To Know About The YouTuber
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Crankgameplays Biography (Age)

The YouTuber was born on 24 October 1996 in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, in the United States. His parents are Mark Nestor and Annie Darling. He has an older sibling named Andrew Jose Nestor. Andrew is an artist and musician.

As an up-and-coming internet sensation, there is less information about crankgameplays, his family, his relationships, his early life, and so on. However, we have learned that he graduated from Cape Elizabeth High School in 2015 and later moved to Portland, Maine, to devote full attention to his YouTube career.

The young American vlogger wanted to study at Full Sail University, but later he changed his mind and decided to become a video editor and producer.

Crankgameplays YouTube Career

When he was growing up, Crankgameplays spent most of his time recording videos with his friends. He took his love of video games to a new level in 2012 when he launched his first YouTube channel, Cranckgameplays, with his friend Andrew Harrington.

He dropped his first video entitled “Dirty Mic and the Boys-Happy Wheels Gameplay Numero Uno” on August 30, 2012. He launched his second channel entitled “Cranky Vlogs” in May 2013 and then, as already mentioned, the third at the end of 2015.

CranckGamesplays’ Family Life

The YouTuber is single. He currently has no girlfriend and has never been married before. He has no children but could be a father one day. He may have dated some girls in the past, but there is no record of his dating history.

Everything You Need to Know about the YouTuber

1. cranckgamesplays dyed his hair blue on 16 October 2015 to keep his promise to his fans. The YouTubers had promised to do so when they hit the goal in one of his charity live streams. He showed the video with the headline “Dying My Hair Blue” on his original channel.

2. Before he launched his new channel, he had 25,000 subscribers on his old channel, and only 200 of them were active at the time.

3. Crankgameplay’s middle name “Mark” comes from his father’s first name.

4. His other name, Ethan comes from the Mission Impossible actor Ethan Hunt. His father probably gave him this name because he likes the actor.

5. The Cape Elizabeth-born Vlogger is allergic to peanuts. He discovered this after he suffered an anaphylactic shock after eating a peanut butter-coated pasta that his mother had prepared for him.

6. He loves animals so much. Before that, he had 3 Portuguese water dogs (Dexter, Cooper, and Max), 3 lizards (Cody, Carmen, and Carmen), and other pets.

Crankgameplays Bio, Family Life and Everything To Know About The YouTuber
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7. Ethan’s favorite fruit is strawberries, while his favorite dishes are Hawaiian pizza, sushi, and frozen waffles.

8. According to him, if he was a girl, his parents would have named him Alyssa.

9. As a child, Crankgameplays always wanted to be an actor because he loves to make people happy.

10. The YouTuber plays the ukulele and also unravels a magic cube in less than 5 minutes.

11. The internet sensation used to work as a waiter in a BBQ restaurant called Salvage BBQ. At the time, he lived with his father in Portland.

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12. Apart from YouTube, Crangameplay’s dream job is Director of Cinematography.

13. He has many favorite games. One of them is Omni-Bus.

14. His favorite comedian is John Mulaney.

16. He’s 5 feet 7 inches tall.

17. His favorite actor is Daniel Radcliffe.

18. As a talented gymnast, he loves the sport so much that he has made it as the top gymnast in the entire northeastern region. Although he has preferred YouTube to gymnastics, he occasionally does backflips.

19. He got his first kiss at the age of 15.

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