Crazy Russian Hacker (Taras Kulakov) Bio, Wife, Age, Girlfriend

Crazy Russian Hacker (Taras Kulakov) Bio, Wife, Age, Girlfriend

Taras Kulakov is a famous YouTube personality. He is known for his channel on YouTube, Crazy Russian Hacker. The channel is listed among the top 200 YouTube channels. He demonstrates all kinds of hackers on the channel and it fascinates his followers, so he has made a name for himself as one of the most successful YouTube personalities of all time.

Crazy Russian Hacker (Taras Kulakov) Biography, Age

Taras Kulakov was born in Ukraine to a Russian father and a Ukrainian mother. He was once a member of the Ukrainian Olympic swimming team. He grew up with his parents and siblings in Ukraine and started swimming at the age of 9 years. According to a video with questions and answers, which he made in September 2016, he stated that he has two brothers and three sisters, although we know only one of his brothers, Dima Kulakov, with whom he shares one of his many channels on YouTube. In the same question and answer in which he mentioned the number of his brothers and sisters, he also announced that he lived in Donetsk, one of the most prestigious cities in Ukraine, before finally moving to the United States.

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Kulakov set out with his family in 2006 to God’s own country to begin a life in Asheville, North Carolina. Upon arrival in the United States, he worked for six years at a multinational retail company, Walmart.

Crazy Russian Hacker (Taras Kulakov) – Bio, Wife, Age, Girlfriend
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Three years before leaving Walmart, he launched his first YouTube channel Origami768 in 2009. On the channel, he posted videos about how to perform the art of paper folding. He later changed the channel’s name to Taras Kul. The channel has become a success, with over 3.4 million subscribers and more than 800 million views.

Convinced of the fame and the amount of money he made with his first channel, Kulakov decided to quit his job at Walmart and concentrate fully on producing and publishing videos on YouTube. His decision to work full-time has definitely given him such a great result, as he is now worth around $7 million.

In 2012 he quit his job at Walmart and started another YouTube channel, Crazy Russian Hacker, which was to become his most popular and successful channel. He launched the channel on May 18, 2012, and would post videos of himself performing various life hacks and scientific experiments. On this channel, you would see him demonstrating things like what would happen when you cook Coca-Cola. Even though the experiments he conducts may look unorthodox to some people, Kulakov never creates a video without emphasizing the importance of safety, and he also starts all his videos with his slogan “What’s up everybody? Welcome to my laboratory, where safety comes first. Boom!”. His channel “Crazy Russian Hacker” has over 2.4 billion views and over 10.8 million subscribers. This is a summary of how successful the channel has been.

He also has another YouTube channel called Slow Mo Lab, which he shares with his brother Dima Kulakov. The channel’s original name was Slomolaboratory. On the channel, he and his brother filmed ordinary things in slow motion. The channel was launched on March 27, 2014, and has 564,871 subscribers and 142,627,585 views.

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On April 25, 2014, Kulakov set up another YouTube channel. The initial content of the channel, which was mostly gun videos, did not comply with the new guidelines of the YouTube community, so Kulakov was advised to change both the content and the name. He eventually renamed the channel Taras-Kul Farm. The channel hosts videos of Kulakov’s pets and farm animals. It now serves as a platform where he can share his passion and love for pets with his subscribers. The channel has over 250 thousand subscribers and has recorded over 4.8 million views.

In addition to his large fan base on YouTube, he has over 490,000 likes on his Crazy Russian Hacker Facebook fan page and over 300,000 followers on Instagram.

His Wife, Girlfriend

Crazy Russian Hacker (Taras Kulakov) – Bio, Wife, Age, Girlfriend
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Taras Kulakov does not leave much out of his private life, but we can say that he is engaged to his girlfriend Katherine, best known as Katie on Instagram. In a video entitled “Are we married?”, released in May 2018, the couple considered where they might get married, but at the end of the whole session, it seemed as if they were planning to elope. The conclusions were drawn by their fans after Katie mentioned how she felt about the wedding: “It’s a lot of time” and “money”.

The crazy Russian hacker once admitted that he loved children because they “keep you young”. He also hopes to have his own children so he can teach them to swim.

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