There’s someone salty! In the current season of Kampf der Realitystars, the original bachelor Paul Janke (41) and the TV personality Antonia Hemmer (23) met. Rumors of love about the two have been circulating for a few weeks. On the show, reality fame Evanthia Benetatou (31) also kept an eye on the eternal single. At a rendezvous, the two last had the opportunity to get closer. This is how Antonia found the date of Paul and Eve!

In a question and answer session yesterday Instagram a fan asked the blonde: “What do you say about the date of Paul and Eva?” The 23-year-old honestly admits: “For me, the date was definitely the cringe moment of the year, but look at it […] just on yourself.” In addition, the beauty reveals that she had to smile a little when she saw the rendezvous. Because last week she was accused of having mixed up the format because of her alleged man hunt.

celebrity flash has asked its readers if they think that at Paul and Antonia could develop something else. The result was divided: out of 3,329 votes, 66.5 percent believe that the two would be a real dream couple. However, 33.5 percent of readers doubt this [Stand: 11. Mai 2023, 15.28 Uhr].