Valentina Doronina (23) hints at changes in her life. Reality TV fame has been going through life with her can since September last year. Most recently, her lover had even made an application to the blonde live on TV. On her birthday yesterday, the former Celebrity Big Brother participant was disappointed: someone very close to her forgot her big day. It could well be her fiancé. Now speak Valentina of wanting to start a new chapter…

The 23-year-old explained in her Instagram-Story that it is very difficult to have relationships or friendships as a public figure. “What I will definitely take with me into my new year of life is that many situations in my life simply cannot go on like this and I will draw clear lines in many respects.”, she announced in this regard. Does this also mean an end for their relationship?

The TV personality also revealed a few weeks ago that she has a strained relationship with her fiancé’s parents. Supposedly she had to be insulted by them and called “some woman”. “There will never be contact between us again”had Valentina then clarified. Her future in-laws should not be invited to the wedding either.