What was going on? Cristiano Ronaldo (38) has made some negative headlines in recent months. The former “World Footballer of the Year” had a tantrum in April last year after his club’s defeat. On the way to the cabin, he even smashed a little boy’s cell phone. Now he draws attention to himself again: Choked during a game Cristiano a player of the opposing team!

A Video shows how Cristiano runs at his opponent from behind, raises his arm and wraps it around his neck. Then it seems as if the captain of Al-Nassr is pulling his opponent backwards. After the attack, the Portuguese received a yellow card. In the end, his club was beaten 2-0.

Because of the mobile phone scandal Cristiano even have to face a police warning. During his outburst, not only was the child’s cell phone caught, but his hand as well. Therefore, the kicker was questioned about alleged bodily harm and property damage. In a statement to Mirror then it said: “A warning has been issued in this matter. This closes the case.”

Source: celebtap.com