A proud dad! Cristiano Ronaldo (38) is not only one of the most successful soccer players in the world, but also a father. With his partner Georgina Rodriguez (29) he enjoys life as a blended family. The couple has two daughters together, and the kicker brought three more children into the relationship. Last year the whole world mourned with the family when the twin brother of Bella Esmeralda (1) died after birth. Well will bella already a year old and is Cristianos pride and joy!

“Congratulations on your first year of life, my darling. Dad loves you very much!”the football star writes to one Instagram posted snap with his youngest daughter. bella sits on his lap in the photo and looks into the camera with wide wide eyes. Cristiano beams from ear to ear and holds his sweet mouse with both arms.

The fans also congratulate under the picture – and in all possible languages. The Portuguese had formulated his congratulations in his native language. Georgina speaks spanish to the kids as well Cristiano communicates with them mainly in this way.

Source: celebtap.com