Cristina Greeven Cuomo Biography And Facts About Chris Cuomo’s wife

Cristina Greeven Cuomo Biography And Facts About Chris Cuomo’s wife

Cristina Greeven Cuomo is the wife of an American television journalist and lawyer Chris Cuomo. She is also the founder and editor of the East End Long Island magazine “Hamptons Purist” and her wellness website known as “The Purist”. She uses this website to educate people about healthy lifestyles, although she is a wellness expert herself.

Cristina Greeven Cuomo’s Biography

Cristina, who is of Brazilian and German descent but has American citizenship, was born on January 12, 1970, in New York, USA. She is the daughter of the lawyer Rainer Greeven and his wife Regina. Cristina attended local schools in New York before being admitted to Cornell University where she graduated. At a young age, she had already shown that she had a knack for writing, not just for writing, but for creative writing. This best explains why she began her career as a writer immediately after graduating from Cornell University in 1992.

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She first started her career as a writer and magazine editor in New York City, then served as vice president of Niche Media LLC before working with Jason Binn in 2001 to launch their entire publication. Her contribution as a writer is recognized with the founding of Manhattan File, a lifestyle magazine, where she served as publisher and editor-in-chief for seven long years.

Cristina Greeven Cuomo Biography And Facts About Chris Cuomo’s wife
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Similarly, Cristina Greeven Cuomo worked at Gotham and Hampton Magazines, which was the editorial director under Niche Media Holdings, LLC. Her work here was not only developing information-rich content or editorial work, but she was involved in all facets of running the business including event promotions, editorial branding, marketing, and advertising to ensure the overall profitability of the business and to ensure that the business ran smoothly without disruption.

After several years in these various media organizations, she created her own website called The Purist ( in the wellness niche of content marketing. In her opinion, the website is an initiative to give people the know-how of a healthy lifestyle and to help them to be physically and mentally strong.

She is still working on the website, which is filled with content on the total wellbeing of the “human being” outside the serious physical, social, political, and emotional pollution with which our society is filled. Not to mention the environmental pollution in which we live.

She was recently chosen to star in a new female ad for Delta and the app-based helicopter service Blade, where her performance was perfect nonetheless. Some time ago, Cristina was selected as US Ambassador for an internationally known skin product line called Natura Bisse. She has not disappointed in all this, she still retains her identity as someone most women look up to to make wise decisions about how to live right and healthy without fear or anxiety of making the wrong choices.

Facts About Chris Cuomo’s wife 

Marriage – On November 24, 2001, she married her long-time friend and current husband Chris Cuomo in a Catholic ceremony at the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary Catholic Church, Southampton, New York. She and her husband currently live in Manhattan with their three children.

Cristina Greeven Cuomo Biography And Facts About Chris Cuomo’s wife
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A Mother – Although she looks so young and ageless, Cristiana is a mother. She has two daughters, Bella Cuomo and Carolina Regina Cuomo, and a son, Mario Cuomo.

Wellness expert – She has not studied medicine or alternative medicine, so how does she know so much about healthy living?

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Wears – Cristina Greeven Cuomo sources most of her clothing from Haute Hippie in Southampton, J. Crew, and 25 Park in Bridgehampton

Favorite Date Night Dish – When she goes out with her husband, Greeven often orders zucchini flowers filled with ricotta cheese and fried in olive oil. In her words “they are so tender and delicious”.

In early 2018, some websites peddled the false information that Cristiana and her husband were about to divorce and that Chris, her husband, might turn out to be gay. The rumor turned out to be shamelessly false, as Cristina Greeven Cuomo and Chris Cuomo are still married and are strong in their marriage.

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