He unleashes not your average zombies on humanity, but sadistic creatures à la “The Sadness” – becoming a critics’ darling and blockbuster. Now “Virus: 32” finally comes to us. Here’s the German trailer:

While the undead, the kind George A. Romero once made socially acceptable, are still hugely popular, more and more filmmakers are trying to adapt the tried and true zombie formula – and create something similar monstrous creatures that differ in their behavior from the classic biters . This will be successfully achieved in 2022 The sadness“in whose footsteps now”Virus: 32spades. In a sense, at least. Finally, beasts are also promised here, which “driven by base, sadistic instincts” will attack humanity.

The South American thriller managed to raise more than $ 50 million internationally (with a budget of $ 1.5 million), but not only attracted the public to the cinemas, but also convinced the trade press. And soon local horror fans will finally be able to convince themselves of the shocker: On March 23, 2023, “Virus: 32” will also be released in Germany – both on DVD and Blu-ray and digitally:

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Today, exclusively on CELEBTAP, we present you the German trailer for “Virus: 32”, which will get you in the mood for the horror hit. Incidentally, the film will be released completely uncut, which should bring a sigh of relief to genre fans. Don’t expect a second The Sadness when it comes to bloodshed, though. Because while the Taiwanese combat record only just passed the FSK test, “Virus: 32” was released unadulterated from the age of 16. However, that doesn’t seem to harm the film, if we are to believe the criticism…

95 percent on Rotten Tomatoes: This is “Virus: 32”

While many in this country may not have heard of “Virus: 32”, the film has already caused quite a stir internationally. Not only did it bring in more than 30 times (!) production costs, it also received good reviews. There are currently about 95 percent positive votes on the Rotten Tomatoes review platform, while only four reviews have been registered on Metacritic so far – but they still result in a decent average of 67 points out of 100. This puts “Virus: 32” roughly on par with horror hits like “Scream 5” (60/100), “Smile” (68/100), or “Bodies Bodies Bodies” (69/100).

And that’s what Virus:32 is all about: Iris (Paula Silva) works as a night watchman in a dilapidated gym in the heart of Montevideo. However, one day the divorced mother forgets that her daughter Tata (Pilar Garcia Ayala) is actually with her today. She therefore exceptionally has to take them to the night shift. But Iris has no idea that this won’t be the biggest challenge the night has in store for her.

On the way to the sports hall, the two hear on the radio about several attacks that allegedly took place in the Uruguayan capital. We are talking about violent attackers who have allegedly been infected with a new type of virus and turned into aggressive monsters. The two arrive safely at the sports hall, but that’s where the problems for the mother-daughter team really start: First Tata disappears without a trace, and then Iris also meets a mysterious stranger (Daniel Hendler), who not only knows where Tata is, but also has a pregnant, infected woman with her…

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