The letterboxd website is one of the really great points of contact for movie fans around the world. Also included is a list of the greatest movies of all time. The current movie you would expect ended up there at number 100…

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The sequel to the animated film “Puss in Boots 2: The Last Wish‘ is now one of the 100 Greatest Movies of All Time – according to the movie fans and cinephiles waiting on the mailbox. At the time of publication, more than 473,000 people said they had seen the “Shrek” series spin-off on the site, which is used by millions of movie fans around the world. They left an average rating of 4.3 stars. All told, more than 80% of the reviews given fall between 4 and 5 stars.

If you were to expect a current movie in the list, it would definitely be “Avatar 2: The Way Of Water” which is currently breaking all records. In fact, this was marked as viewed by 744,000 people on letterboxd and has a strong average rating of 3.8, which is not enough for the top 250.

Cinema hit “Puss in Boots 2: The Last Wish”

“Puss in Boots 2: The Last Wish” is also an impressive cinema success. Gradually it becomes known that the late sequel to the 2011 published “Shrek” spin-off “Puss in Boots” was really successful. Since its launch shortly before Christmas, the film is still at the top of the cinema charts worldwide even weeks later. More than $423 million has already been raised. In Germany, more than 1.8 million people have already bought a cinema ticketmaking the long-running film the ninth highest grossing film in local cinemas in 2022, ahead of ‘The Batman’ – further increases cannot be ruled out.

Universal Pictures Puss in Boots 2 takes off like a rocket!

We state this in our CELEBTAP review that the sequel is “exciting, entertaining, funny and this time a little dark”. and add: “Puss in Boots 2: The Last Wish also looks damn good thanks to the picture book animation style.”

The problem with all movie rating lists: advantage for new titles

However, a limitation still needs to be made if “Puss in Boots 2: The Last Wish” is successful. Such movie rating lists on the Internet usually have a problem: the more popular a site becomes, the more likely it is to have more recent movies, because more people will simply see them. The IMDb, for a long time the most important top 250 list on the internet, suffered from this problem. This effect also gradually becomes visible with letterboxd.

“Puss in Boots 2: The Last Wish” is now the sixth 2022 movie to currently rank in the top 250. Before that is the Oscar favorite “Everything Everywhere All At Once” (18th place), followed by “Aftersun” (109), “Mars One” (165) and “Burning Days” (200), which have not yet been released in Germany, as well as the action epic “RRR” (247).

However, current titles have also been shown to gradually decline as more people who may not have originally been interested in them become aware of them – and then may not give them a top rating. “Everything Everywhere All At Once” even topped this list for a short time, now led by the anti-war classic “Komm und Sieh” before “Parasite” and the Brazilian comedy “A Dog’s Will”, which unfortunately was never released in Germany .

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