Cheyenne Ochsenknecht’s (22) baby is already moving vigorously. The German model has been with the Austrian Nino Sifkovits since 2019 and they sealed their love with a wedding last year. The year before, the two had their first child together. The couple is now looking forward to baby number two – they post regular updates about the pregnancy online. now shows cheyenne her followers that her child can already kick properly.

In your Instagramstory, the 22-year-old first posted a selfie of herself on a hospital bed, where she smiled mischievously at the camera. To this she wrote: “It’s CTG time for the little boy.” A few stories later, she shared shots from her perspective and filmed her stomach – you could see her ball bulging in all directions at short intervals. It looked like a very personal moment between mom and son.

let it go cheyenne and Nino their fans waited quite a long time until they finally came out with the gender of the second offspring. Only at the end of the second season of the reality TV show Die Ochsenknechts was it announced that the two were having a boy.