Now the little family is off to India! Nick Jonas (30) couldn’t be happier at the moment. In 2018 he married the Indian actress Priyanka Chopra (40) – last year the birth of her daughter Malti rounded off the relationship. Since then, the couple has regularly shared snapshots with the offspring online. After a year Priyanka and Nicks little daughter now get to know her mother’s home country.

How paparazzi-Pictures now show were Nick, Priyanka and little Malti on Friday when she arrived in Priyankas Homeland India spotted. They arrived at Mumbai airport in a black Mercedes and casually got out of the car. The two parents wore sunglasses to protect themselves from the glaring sun, while their offspring looked pretty cute in a striped ruffled dress. On the recordings, the family seemed relaxed and happy.

The two spouses don’t really talk about their private lives online. In the “The Kelly Clarkson Show” betrayed Nick however, how everyday family life has been going so far: “It’s just an absolutely magical time in our lives. Pretty wild too – but it’s a blessing to have her at home. It’s just been wonderful so far.”