Rúrik Gíslason (35) drives his fans crazy again. The former soccer player took part in Let’s Dance in 2021 and was named “Dancing Star” together with his dance partner Renata Lusin (35). Since then, the native Icelander has been an integral part of the German TV landscape. Again and again he is adored by women. Now there is a new picture of Rurikwhich totally excites his fans!

Rurik saw the “Let’s Dance” show on Friday Renata live in the audience. Before that, the two had traveled together. Among other things, the athlete and the professional dancer ended up at a gas pump at a gas station. there was for Rurik clear: the man does the refueling. Confidently, he grabbed the tap and flirted with the camera while Renata filmed him on his cell phone. The 35-year-old commented on the clip with a laugh emoji.

Since his “Let’s Dance” participation, in Ruriks life changed a lot. He took a lot of positive things from the show for his future. Nevertheless, the hottie was a bit concerned about his fame. “I’m from Iceland, it’s very small. We don’t have a tabloid press. Every time I read something about myself, it’s a little weird.”explained Rurik in an interview with celebrity flash.

Source: celebtap.com