It was a little moment of shock for Natascha Ochsenknecht (58)! TV fame has long entertained its fans with funny stories from everyday life. No matter whether in their own show Die Ochsenknechts or on social media. Now the ex of the actor Uwe Ochsenknecht (67) happened something that is not even that funny. Natasha a cotton swab broke off in the ear and got stuck!

On Instagram she describes the incident. Natasha tried new cotton swabs: “Everyone knows you don’t go deep into your ears with it, suddenly it cracked. The bastard stuck in my ear.” The 58-year-old couldn’t get the head of the chopstick out herself: “Thank God I was able to reach my son-in-law, who then came and managed to get it out with tweezers.”

Then warned Natasha their followers in front of the drugstore product. It is in moments like this that the solidarity of the family shows. Her daughter Cheyenne Ochsenknecht (22) became a mother again a few weeks ago – and the former model was there to support her.