Daniel John Gregory Bio, Facts and Profile of Martha MacCallum’s Husband
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There are so many celebrities who have become famous through their relationships or marriages with a celebrity, and Daniel John Gregory happens to be one of them. Daniel is an American businessman who came into the spotlight after marrying the American journalist Martha MacCallum. Martha MacCallum, who is best known for her work at the Fox News Network, was brought into the spotlight by her outstanding journalistic skills. She currently works as a moderator at Fox and has interviewed prominent figures in American politics, including Chris Christie, Barack Obama, and John McCain, to name but a few.

Although Martha has been in the spotlight for some time, there is little or no information about her better half. In this article, we have collected everything there is to know about Daniel. Read on to learn more interesting facts about business tycoons.

Daniel John Gregory – Bio

Daniel John Gregory was born in 1963 to American parents in Upper Montclair, New Jersey, USA. He is the son of Mr. Edward R. Gregory, the founder and president of Gregory Packing Incorporation, and his wife.

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There is a lack of information about Daniel’s early life and childhood experiences. This is because the business guru has never released such information to the media. All we know is that he spent his early years in New Jersey, where he completed his elementary and college education.

As a child, Gregory completed his basic education at Father Judge High School. During this time he was good at athletics and often participated in various sporting events, including baseball, soccer, and other athletic events. Soon after graduation, he went to the University of Villanova, where he obtained a degree in economics.

Profile of Martha MacCallum’s Husband

Daniel John Gregory – Bio, Facts and Profile of Martha MacCallum’s Husband
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Coming from a line of successful businessmen, Daniel John Gregory followed the same path as his parents. Soon after graduating from university, he joined his family business, Gregory Packaging Incorporation in Newark, New Jersey. The smart and talented Daniel did not need much time to master the modus operandi of the family business and was able to take it to the next level.

Today, the company has become the most important manufacturer and distributor of SunCup products for cooling juice. After rising through the ranks, Daniel currently serves as Vice President of the company; he has helped the company grow to a respectable size with several offices in the United States.

Relationship with Martha MacCallum

As we mentioned earlier, Daniel John Gregory is the husband of renowned journalist and Fox News presenter Martha MacCallum. Martha MacCallum was born in Buffalo, New York City, and grew up in Wyckoff, New Jersey. She is a graduate of St. Lawrence University, where she earned a degree in political science. She also attended the Circle in the Square Theatre School before turning to journalism.

This amazing reporter has created an impressive resume since the beginning of her career in 1991. She has worked with several mainstream tabloid newspapers and has made an appropriate impact on the world of journalism. She began her career at the Wall Street Journal, where she worked as a correspondent and presenter for business news from 1991 to 1996. She then worked for WPXN-TV and NBC/CNBC before joining Fox News Network in 2004. To this day, she remains one of the outstanding personalities at Fox. Amazingly, she has hosted several shows, interviews, and reported on several top stories affecting the nation. For her outstanding contributions to journalism, Martha has twice been awarded the Gracie Prize for Women in Journalism and the Soldiersocks Commitment To Serve Award.

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Daniel John Gregory met his wife several years ago during her college years. When he saw the connection between them, the couple became friends, and later they sparked a relationship. In 1992, after several years of a successful relationship, the lovebirds decided to seal their love in a marital union. Their wedding took place on August 22, 1992, at St. Elizabeth’s Church in Upper Montclair, New Jersey.

The perfect couple has three children, two sons named Harry MacCallum Gregory and Edward Reed Gregory, and one daughter named Elizabeth Bowes Gregory. Their daughter Elizabeth is currently studying at her father’s alma mater, the University of Villanova. Daniel’s relationship with his wife has remained close ever since despite rumors of a possible separation. The couple currently live in New Jersey and have been married for over two decades, with an upward trend.

Other Interesting Facts about Daniel John Gregory

1. Daniel John Gregory is a very tall and handsome guy; he stands at an average height of 5 feet 10 inches and weighs a proportional 75 kg.

2. This talented businessman has made a fortune by serving as Vice President of Gregory Packing Incorporation. His net worth is said to be in the millions, but cannot be determined at this time.

3. Daniel is not familiar with social media and has no social media accounts on popular platforms like Instagram and Twitter.