Dansgaming Biography, Girlfriend, Is He Gay, Why Is He Popular?

Dansgaming Biography, Girlfriend, Is He Gay, Why Is He Popular?

Dansgaming has made a name for itself as a gamer on Twitbnch.tv. He is known for his live broadcast of game videos, which he calls Let’s Play, and has reached a large number of subscribers with over 650,000.

Dansgaming’s Biography

Dansgaming was reportedly born on May 29, 1986, in Ohio. He began playing Super Mario Bros. at the age of 3, and from that point on, his consuming love of video games developed. It came as no surprise when he got involved with live streaming video on Twitch.tv. Later, he set up a YouTube channel and began posting the highlights of his videos on the platform. He currently has over 70,000 subscribers.

On his Twitch site, he has a chip-in option that is geared towards buying new releases. However, he made it clear that despite their importance and how grateful he is for them, Chip-ins are not mandatory and will not determine the continuity of his streams. While the physical games he plays are purchased from Amazon or Gamestop (in rare cases), his digital games are purchased from Direct2Drive or Stream.

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He reported that his greatest joy is knowing that someone else has experienced the same emotions as he did while playing the same game. Dansgaming loves and enjoys playing different games, but his preference is for games that bring sadness, joy, and sometimes heartache. It is this heightened passion for games that he shares in his live stream.

Dansgaming Biography, Girlfriend, Is He Gay, Why Is He Popular?
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Does Dansgaming Have A Girlfriend Or Is He Gay?

Well, the identity of his girlfriend or ex-girlfriend(s) is unknown. But if we have to accept everything we see on Twitter as true, we can safely say that Dan broke up with his girlfriend on January 26th of this year (2018). He made a funny tweet about this, and well, that’s it.

Is Dan gay? This question has been on our minds for some time. If the above statement is true and Dan had a girlfriend, then this question should not be asked, or it should be asked if he is bisexual, but he has a different view on the matter.

Well, apparently Dan is gay or something he says. In 2017, when controversy arose over the use of an emote that was claimed to be disgusting to transsexuals, Dan tried to do his part to squash it. This included a tweet in which he said that as a gay man he could identify with the controversy. As much as some fans took this to heart, some were surprised, as it was generally assumed that he had a girlfriend.

Can we ever be sure about Dan’s sexuality? The guy seems to enjoy messing with our heads, whatever his sexual preference is, it is best known to him.

Why Is He Popular?

With a large number of fans and followers Dan has, it is common for people to wonder and try to deduce reasons why this is so. Some people have attributed this to his “subtle” sense of humor, while others have insisted that it can’t be because he has a dry sense of humor.

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The truth is that Dan doesn’t consider himself special and his channel not spectacular. He describes himself as a “small” station with two very important factors at his side: time and experience. In a document he posted on Twitter, Dan wisely explained and advised all stations to understand that different streams grow at their own pace. He repeated that it took him about five years of consistent and continuous streaming to get him to a point where others considered him successful.

The player encouraged them to try to curb the jealousy that tends to surface at other, more successful stations. He explained that he had been there, but now knew what it took to make a channel popular. DansGame clearly stated that he is patient in getting the viewers acquainted with him and inspiring them.

This apparently led to a steady increase in the number of his regular viewers. It is also important to note that he did not try to imitate someone or be someone else, but that he valued his own identity and used it to his advantage. These reasons are surely the reason why he is so popular with many regular viewers and why viewers on Twitch.tv count on him.

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