Dareh Ardashes Gregorian, Maggie Haberman’s Husband – Bio, Facts

Dareh Ardashes Gregorian, Maggie Haberman’s Husband – Bio, Facts

So often people do not become famous because of themselves, sometimes they become famous because of a person they know, because of something they did in the past, or even because of an unfortunate incident. In the case of Dareh Ardashes Gregorian, he is not only famous for being a journalist, but also for being married to the US journalist Maggie Lindsay Gregorian.

The duo has been married since November 2003. The ceremony was performed by none other than Judge Edward R. Korman, and the two have been together ever since. Details about Dareh Ardashe’s Gregorian can be found below.

Dareh Ardashes Gregorian – Bio

Dareh was born on March 24, 1970, in Austin, Texas, the son of Vartan and Clare Russel Gregorian. His father is of Armenian-American descent, born in Iran, and served as president of the Carnegie Corporation in New York, while his mother was chairman of the organization dedicated to the professional development of literacy educators.

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As one of three sons born into a wealthy American family, Gregorian had an exciting childhood growing up with his brothers – Vahe Gregorian and Raffi Gregorian. Sadly, his mother passed away in 2018.

After high school, Dareh Ardashes Gregorian went to Boston University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication in 1992. After graduation, he started his career at The New York Observer, where he worked as a reporter and researcher. After spending a year in the media, he moved to The New York Post, where he began working as a typist and part-time reporter in 1993.

His star shone brightly in 1995 when he was promoted to full-time reporter, a position he held until 2012. During his time as a reporter at the New York Post, Dareh Ardashes Gregorian covered several important news stories for the media agency. When he left, he pitched his tent at the New York Daily News.

However, it cannot be overlooked how his hard work and talent while working for the New York Post finally paid off for him. He was given several side jobs, such as a reporter for job exchanges and an official reporter for the Supreme Court, as well as several other jobs, all of which kept his hands on deck.

After three years in his job at the New York Daily News, he was promoted to political editor of the media house and has remained in that position until today. He has also received several awards for his hard work and outstanding achievements in the media industry. These awards include the Crimestoppers Award from the New York City Police Department.

Net Worth

Dareh Ardashe’s Gregorian had tried to keep his private life out of the public eye, but he did not hide everything. Everyone thinks that he has earned a respectable amount of money from his many years of work with the media, but sources have revealed that his current salary is between $48,000-74,00 and his net worth is over $3 million.

Relationship with Maggie Haberman

Dareh Ardashes Gregorian, Maggie Haberman’s Husband – Bio, Facts
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Dareh is currently married to Maggie Hagerman. The duo met in 1996 at the New York Post, where they were both working at the time. After being together for more than six years, they decided to enter into a marriage in November 2003. Their wedding, which took place at the Tribeca Rooftop in Manhattan, was presided over by Judge Edward R. Korman and attended by close friends and family.

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Since then they have been together and have three beautiful children – Max Gregorian, Miri Gregorian, and Dashiell Gregorian. Dareh Ardashe’s Gregorian with his wife and children currently lives with his three children in Brooklyn.

Maggie is the daughter of Clyde Hagerman, who was one of the most remarkable journalists in the New York Times. She found fulfillment in the same career her father was famous for. She works as a political analyst for CNN and as a White House correspondent for the New York Times.

Other Facts About Dareh Ardashes Gregorian

1. There is no doubt that Dareh is very attractive and is big and strong, but his exact size, weight, and measurements are not yet known

2. Dareh is not too busy man for the internet. Despite his very busy schedule, he still finds time to cool down via his Twitter and Instagram grips. Currently, he has more than 3.000 followers on Twitter and is also active on Facebook.

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