Attention international fans: The popular Bauer sucht Frau offshoot will soon be going into the next round! Also this year Inka Bause (54) not only couples singles in Germany, but also around the world. Among others, Ezequiel from Argentina and Karl-Heinz from Italy will be there. Viewers can see in just a few weeks whether they have found their better half. The official launch date has been announced!

Again Instagrampage of the Flirt format, the show remains true to its old slot. The new episodes will air on Mondays at 8:15 p.m. It starts on May 1st. Afterwards there are also four new episodes of Ralf, the farmer’s reporter, who visits the candidates on their farms.

The participants were introduced at the end of last year. However, Michael from Laos, Klaus from Namibia and Manfred from Paraguay are no longer there. Instead, viewers can look forward to Emil from Namibia and Tom from Australia.