The Radford family is expecting another member! With their 22 children apply noel and Sue Radford as the largest family in Britain. In autumn 2020 they were also able to look forward to their first grandchild: child number seven, Millie Radford, gave birth to their first daughter, Ophelia Jo. Last year she also gave birth to a son, Chester Bleu. Now she’s back with sweet news for her fans: millie is expecting her third child!

On Instagram the 22-year-old shares a video that first shows the embryo as an ultrasound image and writes: “One more thing to love and admire.” She also provides a gender reveal and shows how her partner kicks a soccer ball, which bursts into a pink cloud. So baby number three is going to be a girl.

Her followers are overjoyed at her announcement and flood the comments column with congratulations. One stunned fan surmised, “One more?! You’re going to end up like your mom LOL.” Across from The Sun had millie but already made clear: “Three is my maximum.” She doesn’t want to have to drive a minibus to school.