Kerri Wynne’s daughter, Olivia Ruth MacLeod, died on June 28, 2012, at her Charlottetown home.

The cause behind her death has not been made public.

Olivia Ruth MacLeod was born in 1993 to Kerri Wynne and Paul MacLeod. She had a charming personality and was close to her parents.

However, it was reported that Kerri Wynne’s daughter died at the age of 19. About her cause of death, several sources say that it was a natural death.

Kerri Wynne kept her personal life out of the spotlight, not only about her daughter, but there must be more information about her life partner, Paul MacLeod.

The couple did not live together before Olivia Ruth’s death. They also shared pictures of their daughter on her social media account.

Kerri said her daughter was kind, active and kind-hearted. It was hard for her parents to admit that she was no longer with them as she was great with her grandparents.

Kerri Wynne: 17-year-old host of “Ocean 100”, passed away in Canada

Kerri Wynne MacLeod, the 17-year-old host of Ocean 100’s Prince Edward Island radio morning show, passed away on February 26, 2023. The latest news was published on the broadcaster’s official Facebook page.

According to the post, she passed away after an ongoing illness. Ocean 100 Facebook page also uploaded the video with a caption conveying the message from Stingray Charlottetown Director of Operations, Jennifer Evans, “This is a heartbreaking loss to our Ocean 100 team and to you, our devoted listeners on Prince Edward Island. Our Ocean 100 team will not be on the air today to support each other through this loss.

Starting tomorrow at 7am, we invite you to listen to Ocean 100 as we celebrate the life and career of Kerri Wynne MacLeod.”

Born in Montague, MacLeod began her professional career with a shop on Main Street. Her radio career started in 2005 with CHTN and the following year she joined the Ocean 100 morning show.

MacLeod was also a well-known singer and performed at various concerts and events. She appeared in Anne of Green Gables: The Musical at the Confederation Center of the Arts both in the chorus and as Mrs. Pye. Moon Upon the Left, her debut album, was released in 1998. Kerri Wynne’s funeral arrangements have not yet been made public.

Kerri Wynne and her family

In 2006, Kerri started his career in Ocean 1010 and worked in broadcast TV before becoming a co-host. She was well known in the Charlottetown community.

The Canadian radio personality has won several awards for her services to radio, including the “Radio Personality of the Year” award.

People were curious to know more about her besides her professional career after her passing news broke.

Kerri had been very private about her personal life information. She focused on her craft and often shared her work on social media.

The radio personality had a strong bond with her parents, who supported her career path. She said her parents were proud of her career choice.

While active on social media, she did not share images of her parents or other relatives.