Recently, the trailer for “Renfield” combined horror with martial arts combat scenes – only there it was funny and for the entertainment of the audience. “In Dreams” with Bianca Van Damme, on the other hand, wants to scare you. Will the thriller succeed? See for yourself:

In North America, the tough psychological thriller “In Dreams” debuted in mid-January 2023 as an exclusive Original Production on horror streaming service Screambox. There is currently no information available on a German release date or the type of local release of “In Dreams”.

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This is the story of “In Dreams”: Alma (Bianca Van Damme), a passionate mixed martial artist, has just lost her beloved grandfather. However, the old gentleman did not sleep peacefully, instead being violently murdered in his bathtub by masked intruders – understandably upsetting Alma even more.

To bring some peace into her life, husband Eddie (Chris Veres) suggests that Alma take a break from her stressful everyday life and relax a bit. To do this, the couple spends the weekend in Alma’s grandfather’s cabin in the woods, which is lonely by a picturesque lake. Here she spent the happiest time of her life as a little girl.

When you get there, you can’t talk about relaxation for long. First up is another couple (Vannessa Vasquez and Shalim Ortiz) who claim to have rented the cottage for the weekend – apparently from a con artist. As it is the middle of the night, Eddie offers them to stay without consulting his wife. Even worse, however, are the gory, relentless nightmares that suddenly haunt Alma here. Because they do not limit themselves to their subconscious, but also manifest themselves in reality…

Bianca Van Damme can do “In Dreams” without her father

Matías Moltrasio (“En Brazos De Un Asesino”) directed “In Dreams”. The film is the first English-language director by the Argentinian, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Gary Lee Michaels.

The lead role is played by Bianca Van Damme, the daughter of action and martial arts legend Jean-Claude Van Damme. Born in LA in 1990, the actress has previously starred in the sci-fi thriller UFO, the true crime thriller The Murder Of Nicole Brown Simpson, and the action comedy Fury Of The Fist And The Golden Fleece. She was also seen alongside her father in several titles such as Jungle Camp, Six Bullets, The Eagle Path, and Assassination Games.

German-American Chris Veres from the second season of “Deutschland 83”, Vanessa Vasquez (“The Legacy of Montezuma”) and Shalim Ortiz (“Heroes”) were on camera for other big parts.

What is JCVD ​​currently doing?

And what about Bianca Van Damme’s famous father? Almost exactly one year ago, Jean-Claude Van Damme gave his fans a real shock. The Belgian, who became world famous with hits like “Universal Soldier”, “Bloodsport” and “Double Impact”, announced that he was preparing to shoot what would definitely be his last action movie. The meta project is called What’s My Name? and is directed by French director, producer and screenwriter Jeremy Zag. Unfortunately, there is no start date yet.

This is where “What’s My Name?” should be about: As in the critically acclaimed JCVD, Jean-Claude Van Damme plays a fictionalized version of himself who falls into a coma after a serious car accident. When the star finally wakes up, he is suffering from amnesia. In order to regain his memory, JCVD ​​embarks on a journey into his past, where he once again fights several of his strongest opponents until the final confrontation…

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