The Austrian crime series with a star cast has eight episodes and starts tonight on ARD. However, you don’t have to wait if you want to see it all at once… We tell you where to find all parts of “Days That Didn’t Exist”.

Image: ARD/ORF/MR Film/Thomas Ramstorfer

We have known since the American production “Big Little Lies” that the combination of drama and crime can work very well, especially in series form. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a dark shadow falls over a supposedly peaceful, relaxed, and cordial friendship and all the things that have been going well in life so far must be questioned. Exactly so can be briefly summarized the series “Days that did not exist”, which will be broadcast on ARD from today.

The first two episodes of “Days that didn’t exist” will be broadcast on ARD on February 14 from 8:15 p.m.. After that, two parts will be broadcast weekly. However, if you don’t want a break between the episodes and you prefer to get rid of all episodes in one evening, you can do that too! You can already watch the entire series in the media library of the ARD.

›› All 8 episodes of “Days that did not exist” in the media library of the ARD

That’s what “Days That Weren’t” is about

Miriam (Franziska Weisz), Doris (Diana Amft), Inès (Jasmin Gerat) and Christiane (Franziska Hackl) have been good friends for years and have been through good times and bad together. Miriam has three children, works as a successful prosecutor and is quite happy with her husband Joachim (Andreas Lust). Inès lived in Paris for a few years, but now returns to Vienna to take care of her drug-addicted son. Doris also faces a challenge: she runs a forwarding company with her mother (Jutta Speidel), but she finally wants to take matters into her own hands. And Christiane struggles with the aftermath of a heavy loss – she needs Miriam and the others more than ever.

However, when Inspector Elfriede Grünberger (Sissy Höfferer) suddenly storms into their friends’ lives, the four women suddenly have much bigger problems than they thought. Grünberger sets out to solve a murder that happened many years ago – and will put their friendship to the test. Miriam, Doris, Inès and Christiane guard a secret…

“Days that did not exist” will be broadcast tonight on ARD. You can find the eight-part season in its entirety in the media library.

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