The LG OLED CS scores with a strong price-performance ratio. The 65-inch version of the 4K TV at Amazon is currently almost 50 percent cheaper than the suggested retail price.


Most recently, we introduced you to the 55-inch models (140 centimeters) of the LG OLED C2 and the LG OLED CS. Both variants are still available from Amazon and Co. Now the major stores are following suit and are offering a whopping 48 percent discount on the suggested retail price of the LG OLED CS with 65 inches (165 centimeters).

» 65-inch LG OLED CS on Amazon*

By the way, the same TV is also included Media Markt* And Saturn* available for 1499 euros. If you are a myMediaMarkt customer or Saturn Card holder there, you will also receive ten points or bits.

LG OLED CS: Cheaper than internal competition

The LG OLED CS occupies a certain special position in the LG range and looks a bit like Frankenstein’s Monster – if the experiment had been successful at the time. Than like the C2, the CS has the new Alpha 9 processorbut relies on the housing of the predecessor model C1.

Ultimately, the CS is the link between the very expensive C2 (the 65-inch version currently costs at MediaMarkt 1777 euros*) and there the cheaper B2. The latter is currently included 1599 euros at Amazon*. However, the current discount makes the CS a strong alternative, especially compared to the C2.

Because as I said: the CS relies on the same processor as the C2 and thus offers almost identical technical performance. The photo offers a extremely good color fidelity and almost perfect contrast in combination with excellent black levels. So the CS even comes close to the image of the more expensive C2.

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The brightness of the CS display is also convincing and, thanks to the good anti-reflective coating, allows home cinema enjoyment even in daylight. There are also four HDMI 2.1 ports and 120 Hertz for fast gaming with low input lag. Sports broadcasts are also significantly improved by the high refresh rate.

The excellent smart TV system is almost typical of LG, which allows for the creation of multiple user profiles and works intuitively. The remote control called “Magic Remote” can be controlled via Alexa or Google Assistant.

LG OLED CS vs LG OLED C2: The Differences

But where is the disadvantage compared to the C2? On the one hand, the CS does not work as effectively as the C2 and therefore consumes slightly more power. According to LG, the CS consumes an average of 105 kilowatt hours per 1000 operating hours. The C2 is 97 kilowatt hours per 1000 operating hours. If you watch many productions in HDR mode, the difference will be correspondingly greater.

In addition, the CS does not have a so-called OLED Evo panel, but “only” an OLED panel. However, the image quality is almost identical. In addition, with the CS, unlike the C2, you have to do without NFC functions. This makes it easier to connect your smartphone to your TV. You have to decide for yourself whether you need this technical gimmick.

Otherwise, with the LG OLED CS, you’re getting an excellent 4K TV for your home theater at a great price.

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