Is she somewhat to blame for the death of Christina Ashten Gourkani? At the end of March, sad news became known: the model died at the age of only 34. The reason for the death of Kim Kardashian’s (42) double is said to have been cardiac arrest, which was allegedly caused by the wrong execution of buttock injections. Now a woman has been arrested for treatment Christina should have carried out.

How TMZ reported, the suspect is said to be Vivian Alexandra Gomez. The 50-year-old was arrested in Florida last month. Her charges include manslaughter and practicing medicine without a license. How Daily Mail wants to know, Vivian is said to have given the deceased model several injections with silicone in a hotel room. It is currently unclear whether there will be a trial against Vivian and how long she will remain in custody.

How Daily Mail had reported a few weeks ago Christina hospitalized after the operation. Only a few hours after the operation, the condition of the well-known doppelganger deteriorated until cardiac arrest occurred.