First details are known about the perpetrator! King Charles (74) will be crowned the new British Regent on May 6th. A few days before the big ceremony, the security guards of the royal family are in turmoil – and not without reason. Because in the early hours of the morning, a man outside Buckingham Palace threatened to kill Charles. After even throwing ammunition on the premises, he was taken into custody. Now it is also clear who the perpetrator is!

How among other things The Sun reported, he was identified as the dog breeder David Huber, who is said to have greatly admired the late Queen Elizabeth II (✝96). Immediately after the monarch’s death, he is said to have left her a message. “It’s a great loss for all of us”, the 60-year-old explained via Facebook in September. It is still unclear exactly why he made a death threat against her eldest son Charles.

Luckily, the King was not at Buckingham Palace when the incident happened. According to eyewitnesses, he had left the castle minutes earlier. A subsequent investigation found a knife in the suspect’s pocket.