The fans probably didn’t expect that! Selena Gomez (30) had an on-off relationship with Justin Bieber (29) for years. Only a short time after it was finally over, the singer married model Hailey Bieber (26). Since then, the headlines about the three have not stopped. Many fans still think that selena Justins be true love. Recently, theories have emerged that Hailey would make fun of her husband’s ex online. Now get in touch selena with clear words!

After the speculation arose that Hailey above selena would blaspheme, the 26-year-old not only lost many followers. You probably also got countless hate messages from Selenas followers. Apparently things got so bad that she contacted the ‘Calm Down’ singer: “Hailey Bieber texted me that she’s getting death threats and a lot of negativity. That’s not what I stand for. Nobody should get hate or be bullied.”wrote selena so now in hers Instagram-Story.

Now she wants it all to end. Apparently, the drama is not just about justinbut also about Selenas BFF Taylor Swift (33). Because a video appeared on social media in which Hailey chokes, as Taylor’s name was mentioned. “I’m so sorry, my best friend is and remains one of the best in her industry,” countered selena just a few weeks ago. Still, she takes Hailey public protection.