Did David Jackson make the right decision here? Only four women are fighting for the heart of this year’s bachelor. Rebecca and Alyssa had to return home, but Angelina, Lisa, Henriette and Chiara are still in the running. Rebecca warned the distributor of roses shortly before making a decision about Chiara – allegedly she doesn’t mean it seriously. Why decided David still for her? celebrity flash has asked.

In an interview with celebrity flash reveals Davidwhy he chose Chiara despite Rebecca’s warning. “It was an intense and emotional phase for me, just like for the women. In this phase I put my gut feeling above everything and my decision was already made.”he explains, adding that he didn’t want to throw off the connection with Chiara because of this news.

Nevertheless, Rebecca’s statement has already triggered a lot in him. “Doubt and definitely uncertainty, at least at first. I was shocked and couldn’t grasp it at all or somehow assign it”means David honest.

Source: celebtap.com