Are Peggy Jerofke and Stephan Jerkel (53) getting close again? The Goodbye Germany dream couple went through life together for twenty years. It was all the more shocking for the fans when the cult emigrants announced their separation in November 2022. The ex-partners still spend time together for their daughter. Peggy and Steff shared a bed while on a family vacation in Bangkok, causing confusion.

“We’re separated, but despite everything we have a room. Well, I think we’re both mature enough to sleep in one bed.”Peggy explained Goodbye Germany. In addition, the mother is sure that daughter Josefine prefers to sleep with both parents in one bed. Steff agreed with his ex-partner: “Nothing will happen there either. Besides, Josi is still between us.”

A love comeback is not excluded for the former dream couple. For this, however, the two would have to separate professionally for the time being. Steff explained why: “Actually, the argument with us is only because of work. Always. That’s why I said that I definitely want this professional separation.”