He doesn’t want to lose Snow! Influencer Jannik Kontalis and reality star Yeliz Koc (29) got to know and love each other in the dome show Make Love, Fake Love. A short time later, the lovebirds fell in love online and shared their everyday family life with Yeliz’ daughter Snow. But the rosy phase seems to be over, because after rumors of cheating, the two are fighting a real war of roses. In a statement, Jannik now makes it clear: Despite the separation, he would like to continue to play the father role for Snow.

“No matter what happens to us, Snow can’t help it,” says the 27-year-old in his latest Instagramvideo clear by addressing the rumors circulating. Despite the separation from Yeliz, Jannik has one big wish: “I would very much like to take on the father role forever. Be the one for her that she doesn’t have.” However, the hottie does not know whether his ex-wife will allow that. “I love Snow more than anything, I can’t live without her,” he explains.

During the relationship, Jannik made it clear that he loved his role as a father. “I’m just daddy now and I love it so much! […] And I’ll tell you honestly, I don’t give a damn if it’s mine or not”, he emphasized in the network. Do you think Yeliz will allow him contact with daughter Snow? Vote below!

Source: celebtap.com