There is no radio silence between Iris (55) and Peter Klein (55)! In the past few weeks, Daniela Katzenberger’s (36) mother and her husband have been fighting a public war of roses. The reason: The influencer claimed Peter would have cheated on her with Yvonne Woelke (41). The two are now separated, but they haven’t broken off contact with each other Peter now reveals: He and Iris are still talking!

RTL met Peter at the Ballermann Awards 2023 in Willingen. “I’m doing very well!” Makes the aspiring party hit singer clear. However, the 55-year-old does not deny that the current situation is stressful for him. “In general, it’s always exhausting to have to justify things, especially when they’re things you didn’t do at all,” he says Peter. Nevertheless, both apparently have no intention of breaking off contact with each other for good. “We had several conversations and we are still in contact”he emphasizes.

Still hope Peterthat he will soon be able to lead a normal life again. “You don’t want to have this stress. It’s better to be a little calmer and sit it out. At some point it will be fine,” explains Iris’ ex. The music, with which he wants to take off professionally in the future, gives him distraction. “I’ve always been singing, so it was only a logical conclusion that you go this way”underlines Peter.