Diana Lasso Bio, Facts, Everything About Wayne Brady’s Ex-Wife

Diana Lasso Bio, Facts, Everything About Wayne Brady’s Ex-Wife

Perhaps Diana Lasso and her famous ex-husband would have grown into a formidable duo in the music industry if they had spent more years together. While Lasso is a professional singer, her husband is an all-rounder, a complete package, and an all-around talent who has excelled in various fields.

Wayne Brady is an actor, comedian, and singer, and also the main reason why Diana has risen to prominence. The two surprised their fans when they announced their marriage plans, but things between them didn’t last long, and so shortly after two years they divorced. After their divorce, Diana and her ex-husband have lived their lives ever since and are very successful in their respective fields of activity. Here is an insight into Brady’s ex-wife.

Diana Lasso Bio

It was Lasso’s relationship with Brady that brought her to the United States of America. She is originally from Colombia, but the actual date of birth, month, year, and city where she was born is not known to the public. Information about her childhood, family history, parents, and siblings is also difficult to obtain.

It is assumed that Diana Lasso completed her basic education in the area where she was born and grew up. Although she has not mentioned this, it is also assumed that she completed the educational institutions she attended with good grades.

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It is not known exactly when Diana Lasso began her musical career and how many of her projects are in the competitive market, but it is certain that she has a great passion for music. Therefore, she has done her best to stay on track in her career despite her failed marriage with Wayne.

According to sources, Lasso’s songs are most appreciated in her country, Colombia. Although she has dropped many songs since she started singing, her most popular song to date is Esta Noche No, which was released in 2014.

Facts To Know About Wayne Brady’s Ex-Wife

1. Her Relationship With Wayne Brandy

There is no doubt that in this time and age it takes a lot to build and maintain a happy home. For most celebrities, it is even a bit more difficult because of their demanding job. Diana and Wayne met and married at a time when the latter was re-earning his big break in the industry, so Brandy was always busy moving from one show to the next. This was reportedly not well received by Lasso, who felt that her husband did not give her the attention she needed.

A few months after her marriage, Diana managed to put up with Brady’s busy schedule, but after that, she lost track of his absence, which led to her amicable divorce.

Until now, neither the comedian nor his ex-wife has revealed where they first met and the year in which their relationship began. It is known, however, that Wayne and Diana tied the knot on December 31, 1993, and completed their divorce on September 21, 1995. Their short-lived marriage did not produce any children, although Brady now has a daughter (Maile Masako Brady) with his second wife Mandie Taketa, a Hawaiian-born actress. The two married in 1999 and ended their marriage in 2008.

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2. Diana Lasso Net Worth

Since Diana Lasso launched her musical career, she has recorded praiseworthy and impressive performances as a singer. At the moment, information about the exact amount she earns per year and the value of her assets is not up for review. However, some sources reported that she has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

3. Diana Currently Lives In Columbia

Lasso has experienced the best moments of her life in Colombia since she completed the divorce from Wayne Brady. The singer thinks her hometown is the best place to pursue her dreams and revive her music career after her rocking marriage relationship with the American comedian and actor led to a divorce.

4. Social Media Presence 

Diana Lasso is loved by most music lovers in Colombia, and this explains why many of them find pleasure in listening to her songs. Brady’s ex-wife not only has a YouTube channel, but she is also an influential personality on social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She also enjoys a large fan base on these platforms.

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