This star is missing the daily routine of filming! Diana Schneider is an actress and singer, best known for her role as Samantha “Sam” Berger on the TV series Köln 50667. She was part of the popular show for a total of seven years, but then the broadcaster said goodbye to ten main actors. Diana also had to leave the soap. Diana now expresses online that she misses the time on the set!

At a question and answer session Instagram The actress describes her feelings: “It was really great years with great people in front of and behind the camera.” Her colleagues grew very fond of her during the time on the set. Nevertheless, she makes it clear: “Of course there are one or two idiots, so I’m rather glad that I don’t have to see them anymore.” Since she left, she has been using the new freedoms that she did not have before because of the many shoots.

After leaving the series, Diana wants to concentrate fully on her second mainstay. “I […] work as a singer. I will of course continue to follow this”, she writes in her story. She worked as a singer for a long time, including singing in the 2009 election commercial for the then CDU candidate for the office of mayor of the city of Cologne.