Did Prince Harry’s (38) conversation with Jack Brooksbank (37) go in a different direction? King Charles’ younger son (74) and Princess Eugenie’s husband (33) sat next to each other at the coronation last Saturday. A lip-reader already guessed that the lively conversation between the two revolved around the redhead’s departure. But now there is another theory: Harry and Jack are said to have talked about the tense family situation.

At least that’s what the lip reader Jeremy Freeman suspects The Sun. “I’m sick of the way they treat me”Harry should therefore Jack have said. Then he added: “It’s not an ideal situation.” Jack is said to have responded with real empathy and offered, “If I can help you feel better, then I can do that. It’s not the quiet life, is it?” However, it is not entirely clear whether the conversation was really about the royal family, even if it seems obvious.

Harry had almost hastily left the coronation ceremony on Saturday. He got into a darkened limousine immediately afterwards and was spotted at Heathrow Airport an hour later. On Sunday he had already arrived in Los Angeles in the early morning European time. He had therefore only been in his home town of London for just under 28 hours.

Source: celebtap.com