Serkan Yavuz (30) makes wild headlines! The Bachelor in Paradise star is actually happily taken. The Regensburger has a little daughter with his partner Samira Klampfl (29). The photos are all the more surprising celebrity flash received on Friday. The TV candidate can be seen with a strange woman. And the readers are sure after the unequivocal shots: Serkan has approved a foreign flirt!

In a current celebrity flashsurvey, the majority of participants agree: More than 65 percent of users (1,639 votes out of 2,500 in total) voted that the photos look very much like a hot party flirt. Only 35 percent, on the other hand, could not imagine that a daughter’s father would be his sweetheart Samira would betray. The voices on the net, on the other hand, are undecided. “Never. He has such a hot wife at home and they go so well together!”defended one celebrity flash-Reader Serkan on Instagram.

And Serkan self? He also spoke up and explained the situation. “Relax, folks. [Das] was a conversation yesterday at the club where it’s noisy, the photo looks more dramatic than it is!”he wrote on social media.