Shanna Moakler (48) shoots sharply against her ex! Since their separation in 2006 and the subsequent divorce, the model has occasionally railed against his ex-husband Travis Barker (47). His new wife Kourtney Kardashian (44) occasionally gets a swipe from the blonde. currently seems Shanna to be in a ruckus again: She now hinted online that travis she is said to have cheated during their marriage.

Just a few days ago, a post by the 48-year-old broke Instagram a little discussion about her ex’s past travis out of. A fan of the reality star was upset about the musician’s alleged woman wear. Shanna responded promptly and made a shocking suggestion. “I love seeing all the tiktoks that talk about the women he’s been with. But no one seems to want to talk about the fact that he was married.”, she wrote. Is travis so she cheated during her marriage?

But she not only commented critically on her former relationship with the 47-year-old. Just a few days earlier moved Shanna in the podcast “Miss Understood” also about the marriage of the father of her children Kourtney here. She described the connection between the two as very strange. “I really have nothing positive to say about her”the blonde had also said.