Samantha Abdul (33) is back on the market! The former Bachelor candidate made headlines at the end of the year with her flirtation with Brett Oppenheim (46) – but then she emphasized that she and the TV agent had never been together. A few months ago, however, she made it public that she was back in safe hands. For the time being, however, she wanted to keep her relationship and the identity of her partner out of the public eye. The young love was obviously not meant for eternity!

In a Q&A on Instagram asked a curious follower if Sam is still in a relationship. Apparently that’s not the case anymore: “With me, yes. But I don’t have a partner, no. It didn’t work out, so it was better that it ended relatively quickly, otherwise I would have been annoyed at the time I lost.” She was interested in something permanent, but it would always take two.

Nevertheless, the influencer does not give up her belief in love because of this: “Don’t lose hope, just keep going and I’m sure the one will come”Sam said confidently despite the love affair.