Prince Harry (38) was probably not in such a hurry as previously assumed! Last weekend King Charles III. (74) officially crowned monarch of Great Britain. His son attended this celebration, although the two do not have the best relationship with each other. It was therefore hardly surprising that the American-by-choice was spotted on his way to the USA just a few hours after the ceremony at the airport. However, it has now been announced that Harry is said to have made a stopover beforehand!

How telegraph reported that Duchess Meghan’s (41) husband did not go directly to the airport after the coronation: he is said to have been to Buckingham Palace briefly before leaving. But he probably didn’t stop by there to meet his family – he was staying in the royal palace for purely practical reasons and made a stopover. After all, he was on the plane a short time later.

The prince also had a good reason to leave immediately: His son Archie Harrison turned four on Coronation Day! However, because Harry could not return home in California in time, his wife Meghan is said to be loud People ushered in the new year of the royal offspring with a small celebration.