Another jury member is known! The DSDS casting show should actually end this year. But then the surprise: the show will continue – and again with the pop titan Dieter Bohlen (69). It was not previously known who will sit next to the Modern Talking star. However, insiders said that Pietro Lombardi (30) would also return. And indeed: dieter and Peter are at DSDS in 2024!

This was confirmed by none other than the 69-year-old himself. How Picture reported, chatted dieter this during a performance in Düsseldorf: “He is a juror, my brother and I can say one thing – next year he will be on the jury next to me again because we are a team.” Peter was present when his buddy confirmed this – and was surprised: “Dieter, nobody knew that!”

The longtime DSDSHowever, the juror went on to explain that one him and Peter just can’t separate. However, who will sit next to the two men remains a secret. However, it will not be Katja Krasavice (26). The rapper has already stressed that she won’t be returning until then dieter sits on the jury. The two bickered during the show.