Kelsey Parker’s kids still can’t understand their father’s death. In March of last year, sad news circulated: Tom Parker (✝33) passed away after years of fighting cancer. In addition to his wife, The Wanted star also has two children: Aurelia and Bodhi. How Kelsey now reveals, her offspring are still struggling to understand that their father is no longer there.

At “Loose Woman” the mother of two speaks openly about how difficult it is for her to follow up on her children’s questions Tom to answer. “Of course it’s not normal for her, and Aurelia asks me why her best friend has a father and she doesn’t. I’m already getting these questions.”, tells the widow of the singer. She also notes that she is aware that more difficult questions will arise in the future.

But how does it work? Kelsey actually deal with it? “I got advice, but of course it’s important for me to be honest”, she emphasizes. The mother of two then explains the following to her children: “You have a father, but your father is not here, honey. What else can I tell her?” Kelsey.