Is there something going on between Kate Merlan (36) and Gustav Masurek (33)? The two reality TV stars can currently be seen separately on Prominent. There they have to compete with their ex-partners against the other teams. Recently, rumors have been circulating that… Kate is taken again. At first, fans suspected that she was back with her ex Jakub (27) – but some also speculated that she might be with Gustav could hook up. Well were Kate and Gustav actually spotted on a date!

an attentive one celebrity flash– Reader saw the two having a romantic dinner at a restaurant. On the recording, the two TV faces sit across from each other while Kate smiles lovingly at the 33-year-old. It doesn’t look like a friendly meeting… If Kate and Gustav may have actually fallen in love with each other?

Jakub had made it clear a few weeks ago that he and Kate are currently not a couple. But that didn’t sound like a final love-off at the time – he had also said that he and the 36-year-old would do couples therapy.