Rather than writing music to accompany this Disney Movie Club review, I thought it best not to subject you to my singing. After all, if you’re reading a review of anything Disney-related, chances are that your life is already filled with enough cutesy tunes!


I am a big fan of Disney movies, and Moana is one of my all-time favorites. I have been collecting their films for years on VHS and DVD/Blu-Ray formats – so you can say that I’m quite nostalgic!

Having children has only strengthened my appreciation for Disney; it is a great tool to use when I need some time to myself or even just a nap. It keeps the kids entertained and allows me much-needed moments of respite.

(I find it impossible to get a restful nap due to my children’s inability to stay quiet for any length of time. It’s all in good fun, but I’m having difficulty getting the rest that I need!)

Are you prepared to take a plunge into the depths of Disney Movie Club? Grab your fishhook and don your clam-shell bikini, because we are about to explore this world. Unfortunately, I do not have anything particularly positive to say about it. So if you’re ready for the journey ahead, let’s get started!

What is Disney Movie Club?

The Disney Movie Club (DMC) is a subscription service that offers customers the chance to purchase four movies for just $1 upon sign-up, followed by a two-year contract requiring six additional movie purchases at $19.95 each plus shipping and processing fees. After fulfilling the two-year commitment, members may cancel their subscriptions at any time.

The Columbia House CD subscription service of the 90s was a great way to get hold of some amazing albums at no cost. Unfortunately, it could lead to unexpected costs when you had to purchase more than initially agreed upon, often with triple-retail markup. This could be especially problematic if your mother came across an expensive Bjork CD that wasn’t quite as awesome as your crush said it would be!

The Disney Movie Club (DMC) is a great way to get your hands on some of the best movies in the industry. You can receive a selection of films at no upfront cost, and then you are required to purchase an additional set amount. This is perfect for those who love Disney and have gaps in their movie collection, as it allows them to easily fill these holes without breaking the bank.

Although the situation may seem humorous, it is actually quite serious. The consequences of this type of conduct can be detrimental and should not be taken lightly. It is important to take appropriate steps to ensure that similar incidents are avoided in the future.

Disney Movie Club Requirements

Each month, subscribers receive a mailer with the “Featured Title” for the upcoming month. While this is to be expected as part of the service, I have several issues with it which are based on key points.

1. You must respond to the mailer within two weeks, confirming whether you would like to purchase the item or not. If no response is provided in this time frame, then you are obligated to buy whatever it may be. This is why we now possess multiple copies of Planes on various mediums (even though it’s not a great film!).

2. These selections are often overlooked movies that didn’t get the same exposure or success as more popular titles. As an example, we have Beauty and the Beast Do Christmas or whatever it’s called due to its lack of recognition, with subpar animation and voice acting from a group of people who likely work in Disney’s copy office as their primary job.

3. Once your two-year commitment has been fulfilled, it is important to remember that you must either cancel the service completely or respond to their mailers every month in order to avoid being charged for a movie. Failure to do so will result in charges regardless of having met the purchase requirement.

We were pleasantly taken aback when we received Doctor Strange as part of our monthly selection. Despite being a bit perplexed by the choice, it was still a pleasant surprise. You have the option to select any four movies you want for your subscription, but don’t forget about the regular monthly selections or else you might end up with an unexpected movie like Aladdin 4: Aladdin Does His Taxes!

Movie Club Disney

Disney Movie Club Prices

This subscription provides access to a variety of movies at an economical price; when shipping and processing are factored in, the cost of each movie averages around $35. Although I may have exaggerated the cost of a Bjork CD from the 90s, this subscription offers great value for your money.

Given the high cost of purchasing movies from this particular vendor, it would be more cost-effective to purchase them from another source such as Amazon. At $35 a movie, and with an obligation to buy five in total, that adds up to a conservative estimate of $175 – which is substantially higher than what you could expect for similar titles on Amazon.

At a cost of $175 for 9 Disney movies, it’s not an outrageous price. However, after you’ve seen the 4 free movies included in your subscription package, are there really 5 other films that you would be willing to purchase without any external pressure? If I gave you that same amount of money right now, would your first instinct be to buy more Disney movies or look at other options?

Disney Movies Club Digital Copies

Many modern movies come with a DVD, Blu-ray, and digital copy. This digital copy allows for ownership of the movie; this means that it can be downloaded to tablets or other devices so children can watch them while on the go – such as during long car rides to visit family.

Disney movies are not accessible in the same way as other films. Rather than being stored on a physical device, Disney movies are available to stream from an online account – akin to your own personal Disney vault. Unfortunately, this means that if you do not have consistent access to data or the internet then you will be unable to watch *your* purchased Club Disney movies.

The frustration is compounded by the fact that streaming from their site was inadequate when connected to our home Wi-Fi, making it a thoroughly infuriating experience.

Disney Movie Club – Scam or Good Deal?

As previously mentioned, I have a deep appreciation for Disney and its films. My daughter is particularly fond of Minnie Mouse, while my son has taken to believing he’s the lion king himself – Simba! While I understand that diehard fans may be tempted to join the Disney Club Movie subscription service, it is not something that I would personally recommend.

In today’s world of streaming services, physical copies of media are becoming increasingly obsolete. This trend is only expected to accelerate in the next two years, making it even less practical to purchase hard copies such as movies or music albums.

The promise of a digital copy may seem enticing, but it is merely an illusion. Furthermore, the idea of paying extra to obtain three copies of a movie on either DVD or Blu-ray format is unreasonable when most people have already chosen one over the other.

Given the high cost of the average selection and the automated, rapid-fire delivery of unwanted movies each month, it is advisable to avoid joining Disney Movie Club. There are more economical alternatives that offer a better experience for those looking to satisfy their need for Disney entertainment.

If you have had the opportunity to join Disney Movie Club, I would love to hear about your experience. Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.