He takes a stand! Emmy Russ (24) and Eva Benetatou (31) provide plenty of drama in the battle of reality stars. There are always disputes between the bachelor girl and the former Temptation Island VIP participant. Most recently, Eva even insulted her competitor behind her back as a slut, which caused a lot of excitement after the episode had been broadcast. Candidate Serkan Yavuz (30) is now commenting on this – and is on Eva’s side!

In its Instagram-Story, the 30-year-old explains that there was never any bullying or anything like that on the set of the show – emmys allegations are wrong. The blonde would have teased Eva all the time: “She was already looking for this confrontation with her. emmy is provocative, she was happy to dish it out until there was a reaction and then it was bullying.” Loud Serkan The 23-year-old is looking for “this drama, whether it was on site or in general.”

“You can’t wait emmythat people welcome you with open arms when you talk non-stop about how great you are and how shit we all are”says the reality star. For him it was “double standards” and “complete bullshit” that she constantly handed out herself and then ultimately presented herself as a victim of bullying.

Source: celebtap.com