That’s exactly what he wanted to avoid! Racing legend Niki Lauda (✝70) died almost four years ago. After that it became quiet about the Lauda clan. Two years after his death, his widow Birgit (44) found the finance manager Marcus Sieberer a new love Niki had settled his estate long before that. But now Birgit is suing against the inheritance regulation and his foundation!

According to the Austrian daily newspaper courier the widow of the former Formula 1 driver is suing in two different proceedings against the regulations relating to the inheritance of millions. Birgit currently receives almost 20,000 euros a month as maintenance from the assets of Niki’s private foundation. The foundation also pays the costs for the houses in Vienna and on Ibiza as well as for their cars, domestic workers and the school fees for the twins Mia and Max. Nevertheless, the survivors are suing the organization for almost 30 million euros.

A close friend of the family shows up Picture disappointed towards: “Niki would roll in his grave if he knew about it!” Many of Niki’s companions are shocked by this development. Another friend explains: “The rest of the family agreed. They respect what he wanted and plan to defend his legacy to the end.”